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The song of songs


One of the most famous love poems of all time, in the form of a dialogue between a young woman and her lover. Book of the Bible, both Jewish and Christian, attributed to Solomon.


The 100 pages of the volume were composed by hand, letter by letter, with the original characters of William Caslon, engraved by him with a burin in London in the early decades of the 1700s. This precious font is part of the original endowment of the Tallone printing studio. in operation for three centuries without interruption.

Publisher: Tallone
Dimensions: 12x26 cm


356 numbered copies, printed on pure pH neutral cotton paper set up in Sicily.


The hand composition makes this edition a record in contemporary publishing.

Imprinted on long-life artisan papers and hand-sewn to last, this collector's book is the quintessential refined gift and allows for the best possible reading experience.
The Tallone publisher does not employ the rapid monotype and linotype keyboard composing systems, often confused with manual typography. It also does not use digital compositions transferred onto plastic (photopolymer) matrices.


Revised version by Guido Ceronetti, unpublished.


The song of songs


Famous love poem in the form of a dialogue between a young woman and her lover. The “Song of Songs” or “Song of Solomon”, known also as "Canticle of Canticles", is a book of both the Christian and Hebrew Bible.

Italian edition.


Printed letterpress from movable types, letter by letter.

In particular, all the 100 pages of the book were typeset by hand in original Caslon type. The steel punches of this precious and rare type were hand-cut by William Caslon in London in the first half of the 18th century. These types are part of the original equipment of Tallone's typographic studio, which has been continuously in operation since the 18th century.

Press: Heel.
Size: 12x26 cm

Number of copies

356 numbered copies, letterpress-printed on pure cotton acid free paper made in Sicily.


The number of movable types handled for the typesetting of this book, makes it an exceptional endeavor in contemporary fine printing.

Printed on very fine paper and sewn by hand, this collector's edition is a sophisticated gift meant to last over time and designed to give the best reading experience possible.

Neither monotype nor linotype are used. These typesetting systems from a keyboard are often passed off as manual typography. The Tallone Press also does not print from plastic plates derived from digital compositions.


Italian translation by Guido Ceronetti, made expressly for this edition.

The Song of Songs


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